Commuter Students


Welcome to Providence!

Whether you are a returning or new commuter to our campus, there are a few things you may want to know.


There will be a commuter meeting at the beginning of each semester where you can get information about being a part of a carpool. 

The Collegium (Commuter Lounge)

You are also invited to sign up for membership in the Collegium ($30 fee). The Collegium is a special room set up specifically for commuters with a coffee maker, dishwasher, fridge, dishes, cultery, a microwave, tables, chairs, couches, and a computer available to all who have memberships.


Lockers are available for rent in the North stairwell of the main building (closest to the Library). Cost is $15 per semester. Students must provide their own lock. See the Student Services Coordinator for assistance. There are lockers available in the gym change rooms as well. Please enquire about these at the Business Office.


All parking is free on our campus, except for electrically equipped parking spaces from November 1 - March 31. Permits for electrically equipped spaces can be purchased from our Business Office for $30 per semester or $50 per year. Electrically equipped spaces are limited and will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis.

Providence asks that all students register their vehicles with the Director of Facilities Management to insure we can find the owner quickly in case of an issue or emergency.


Parking Violations

Parking is not permitted in the circular driveways of Eichhorst Hall, Bergen Hall, or the main building. Parking violations are taken seriously. First violation is a warning, second violation a ticket, and third violation a tow at the owner’s expense.

 If you have any questions concerning parking, please contact the Business Office.

Appeals of Parking Violations: Parking violations may be appealed in writing to the Director of Facilities Management. Appeals must be submitted within 30 days of violation and payment must be made before an appeal is considered. Appeals not submitted within 30 days of violation will not be considered.


Personal Vehicles

1. Manitoba laws governing the use of vehicles shall apply on Providence property.

2. The speed limit is 30 km/h on campus.

3. Other than in an emergency, repairs should not be done on campus.

If you have any other questions that may or may not be related to commuting (staying over-night on campus, important phone numbers, etc.), please do not hesitate to ask.

Drive safely!

Need more information?

Our friendly Community Life Coordinator is here to help you have the best university experience you can have! If you have any questions about carpools or commuter services in general, you can get in touch with her by email, call her at 204-433-7488 ext. 206 or visit her office on the main floor of the Hanaa Centre.




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