Covenant of Community Life



Understanding that Jesus Christ is sovereign over every aspect of corporate and individual life, that God’s will is revealed in Holy Scripture, that the Holy Spirit interprets such to the church and empowers it to live accordingly, and that everything we have comes from God, we do covenant:

To practice a vital and vibrant life of individual and corporate worship of the one true God;

To pursue moral excellence in every aspect of our life and relationships;

To steward our time, talent, treasure, body, and the environment to the glory of God;

To exemplify the gospel of grace by upholding the dignity of, showing respect to, and serving all people regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or culture;

To maintain a living and verbal witness to the grace of God;

To practice love, grace, truth, and generosity, and eschew offensive, manipulative, harmful, and deceptive behavior;

To sacrifice our own selves for the good of the community and for the sake of the gospel; and

When we sin, to forgive and be reconciled to one another and to seek forgiveness and reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ.


This Covenant of Community Life states the general principles by which the Providence Community (employees, Board of Governors and students) agrees to live. The Cabinet and Senate of Providence College and Seminary reserve the right to establish policies and procedures at any time that uphold the Covenant and allow for the orderly and efficient administration of the institution. Such policies and procedures are set forth in the various handbooks (Student, Employee, Board of Governors).

When someone is hired as an employee, enrolls as a student, or is elected to the Board of Governors, they agree to live according to the Providence Covenant of Community Life for the duration of said engagement. They understand that the institution reserves the right to impose disciplinary actions in the case of failure to uphold either the Covenant of Community Life or the general institutional policies and procedures as set forth in the Providence College and Seminary websites, and the various handbooks (Student, Employee, Board of Governors).


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