Creating a space for meaningful spiritual engagement is the primary function of chapel at Providence University College. At Providence, we care deeply about the spiritual development and faith formation of our community and seek to provide various avenues for the integration of our faith with course work, critical thought, community living, and the wider world. We view our chapel gatherings as one of the many ways in which students, faculty, and staff are able to meet with one another and with God. Therefore, we have restructured our chapel programming to meet the diverse needs of our community and to allow greater participation of students, faculty, and staff in the spiritual life of Providence.

We meet for chapel services every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:10-12:00.

Community Chapel, Wednesdays at 11:10 am

All students, faculty, and staff are invited to gather and worship together at Community Chapel. Wednesday Community Chapel will feature a creative mix of music, proclamation, and prayer. Community Chapel provides an opportunity for all the members of the Providence community to meet together for worship, conveying our belief that worshipping together produces a stronger community.

Midday Prayer Service, Tuesdays at 11:10 am

The Simplified Midday Prayer Service on Tuesdays allows our community to engage in the biblical text in a meaningful way. The pattern of singing, readings, proclamation and prayers allows participants to experience a worship style that has been in use for centuries and the addition of a reflection and discussion time allows participants to share with one another their journey through the Christian faith. 

Fridays at 11:10 am

Friday chapels will be entirely student organized and planned. The STUCO Spiritual Life Committee will plan chapels that enable significant student participation and the opportunity for students to connect with one another. These chapels will include times of singing, discipleship, as well as other creative outlets for students to meet God and meet one another.

As a Christian university college, we place a high value on the spiritual development of the entire community. Our chapels provide opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, as well as opportunities for students to practice and hone their ministry and leadership skills. While chapel attendance is voluntary, we encourage you to make a commitment to participating in the corporate spiritual life of our community.

At Providence we want to move towards a more integrated approach to personal and corporate spirituality. Chapel time is our time to gather and be a worshipping, growing community. We’re excited about chapel and we want you to be excited too. May God continue to transform our lives as we continue to grow in knowledge and character for leadership and service.

The Chapel Banners

Christianity is rich with symbols but those symbols are only meaningful if you know the interpretation. Our chapel banners have two components, the background and the overlay. The background of these banners will appear in different colours throughout the year based on the symbolic colours used in the Christian church year. They will be purple for Advent and Lent as this is a colour which symbolises both expectation and preparation. The banner background will be green at all other times which is a sign of hope and the triumph of life over death.

Each banner also has an overlay of white that signifies the joy of the resurrection of Christ and holiness. On the overlays are four symbols in gold, which traditionally is the colour of deity, outlined in blue, which represents truth. The four symbols are representative of the three persons of the Trinity and all contain a circle which symbolises the eternity of God.

The Hand of God – The most common symbol used for God for the first eight centuries of the church
The Iona Cross – The humanity and deity of Jesus represented by the cross and the circle
The Dove – The most common symbol for the Holy Spirit as he appeared as a dove at Jesus’ baptism
The Triquetra – An early symbol for the Holy Trinity that signifies eternity and indivisibility
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