Q - When will registration open for the 2018 camps?
A - Registration will go live February 1, 2018.

Q - I just registered my child online. When do I get a confirmation of registration?
A -
Online registrations are usually processed the next business day. You will receive your receipt via the email you registered with (including an id number) when the transaction is approved. This reply is regarded as your registration confirmation.

Q - I do not want to register online, is there any other way to register?
A -
You can register by faxing in a registration form. To receive this form, and our fax number, please contact the Camp Director.

Q - When do I get my credit card receipt?
A -
You will receive a receipt for the camps on Monday at registration. These receipts have all the required information needed for income tax purposes. Should you misplace your receipt a $10 fee will be charged for reissuing the receipt.

Q - Is there a waiting list if the camp is full?
A -
Yes. If you register after the camp is full, your registration will be placed on the waiting list in the order it was received and we will contact you should something open up. You will be given 48 hours to accept once you have been offered an open spot.

Q - What is your refund policy?
A - 
If an event arises upon which you must drop out of the camp after registering, the following policy will be used:




Cancel 6 wks or more prior to camp   Full Refund (minus $40 processing fee)
Cancel 3-5 wks prior to camp date   60% Refund (minus $40 processing fee)
Cancel 0-2 wks prior to camp date   No Refund

* In the case there is an emergency as a reason for the camper's withdrawal, please
contact the Camp Director at any point prior to the camp.

** If you switch weeks of attendance after your registration and then choose to drop out of camp, your refund will be granted based on the original week registered for.

Q - When do I pay for banquet tickets?
A -
All Banquet tickets will be purchased on the Friday of the banquet ($10.00 per guest).

Q - What time can I drop my kid off on Monday?
A -
Registration happens each Monday from between 10:00-11:00am in the Student Life Center (SLC). Please arrive during this time.

Q - For the Senior High basketball and soccer camps, do these happen at the same time?
A - Yes. They will be run as two separate camps during the same week. The campers will have their skill sessions separately but will eat together and participate in the special programming together.

Q - My daughter is interested in a attending two volleyball camps. Is there any difference between the weeks. For example, if she were to do two weeks, would she be doing essentially the same program?
A - The program is basically the same week to week. Each camp finds its own skill level. Our coaches will challenge each camper at the level they feel appropriate.

Q - When do things finish up on Friday?
A -
  The banquet starts at 6:00pm and usually ends around 7:30pm. Campers can start being picked up at 5:00pm.

Q - Is the cost of the banquet for my camper included in the camp registration?
A - Yes. The banquet is included in the cost of camp for each camper. Only non-campers need to buy tickets for the banquet.

Q - What happens at the banquet?
A - We start with a nice meal (usually some form of salad, chicken, veggies, dessert, coffee, etc.) followed by a short program. The program consists of intruducing the camp staff, announcing the various awards from the week, watching the camp video from the week (which every camper gets a free copy of via online download). We then dismiss everyone. Campers and coaches usually say their final good-byes, take final team pictures.

Q - How many people usually stay for the banquet?
A - Not everyone stays (or can stay) for the banquet, but usually about 90% of the campers do stay. We also have a large number of parents come and join us for the banquet. We feel like it is a great way for the parents to see who their kid(s) has been with for the week, what they've been doing, and how much fun they had.

Q - Can I come visit during the week?
A - Visiting during the week is only permitted by the camp director. We only allow visiting the camp under special circumstances.

Q - Can I drive myself to camp?
A - Each camper must be dropped off. For the safety of all our campers we do not permit any campers to drive themselves to camp and have a vehicle present with them for their week of camp.

Q - Will my child need any spending money?
A - Although the camp is all-inclusive (meals and accommodation) there will be opportunities to purchase items such as clothing and snacks. We suggest no more than $25 in cash.

Q - What is your cell phone policy?
A - Cell phones are not allowed and must stay at home. If a cell phone is found by a staff member, it will be held untill the camp ends on Friday, then the phone will be returned.


Q - What are the accommodations for the camps?
A -
We use a college dormitory on campus. Boys are housed in one wing, while get girls are placed in another. Each room has two beds, two desks, a large closet, and a three piece washroom. Please bring your own hangers if you wish to use the closet and your own soap and shampoo.

Q - Can we request that there be 3 campers in a room?
A -
At your request, we will allow 3 campers in a room. However, this means that one camper will be sleeping on a mattress on the floor and space will be very limited. The rooms are designed for 2.

Q - Are the dormitories supervised?
A -
Yes, all of our coaches stay in the dormitories.

Q - How do I request a roommate (change) after I have already registered?
A -
Please email us at sportscamps@prov.ca. We do our best to follow roommate requests but we do not guarantee that we can accommodate. 

Q - Are there any guidelines for how to finalize a roommate change request?
A -
Yes. We will not make any changes unless we receive approval from all parties involved. We only allow up to 2 roommate change requests. The deadline for making a roommate change request is June 30, 2015. We will do our best to accomodate your requests but reserve the right to place people in rooms that best suite the accommodation needs of that specific camp week.

What to Bring

  • PLENTY of gym clothes and socks,
  • Extra gym shoes
  • Pillow and bedding
  • Towels (including a beach towel)
  • Alarm clock
  • Bible, pen and paper
  • Toiletries (shampoo, soap)
  • Hangers (if you want to use the closets)
  • Sandals
  • Specific medical information
  • Sunscreen/bug spray
  • Spending money
  • Fan (optional but recomended)

What not to Bring

  • Video Games
  • Cell Phone
  • Laptop
  • Stereo
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
    (These items will be confiscated and depending on the item will be returned at the end of camp)(Depending on the item, disciplinary measures may be taken)






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