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Breanne Mahara in transition
For Lady Freemen news, the team experienced a rollercoaster of outcomes this past weekend. In Friday night’s game (November 25) against ACC, the team escalated to new heights, defeating the Cougars 67-32. Leading scorers who capitalized off the bench were Elissa Dykstra from Winnipeg, MB (14 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 blocks) and Danielle Sanjenko from Winkler, MB (14 points and 12 rebounds). Despite the win, Head Coach Patti Parker thought the team had more to give. She comments, “Our team may have won by a big margin, but it’s the little things like boxing out, closing out, and tightening up on defense where we need to put in the work”. Also for the game, sophomore Kristi Larson (Gardner, ND) added 12 points, 7 assists, and 7 steals.

For the remaining games, the Lady Freemen who were short two players, competed against the #1 ranked College Wesmen and struggled to put points on the scoreboard. The College Wesmen defeated Providence 74-34 Saturday (November 26) and 83-32 Sunday (November 27). Although the point deferential was against Providence this time, the team gave full effort and played until the end of both games in spite of minimal bodies. Top stat getters for Saturday’s game: Larson- 11 points, 4 rebounds; Dykstra- 7 points, 10 rebounds; Brynn Swan- 5 points, 11 rebounds. Sunday’s game: Mel Warkentine- 11 points, 7 rebounds; Swan- 9 points, 10 rebounds; Breanne Mahara- 7 points, 5 rebounds.

Matt Antonio finds an open man

In other news, the Providence men were overpowered by the ACC Cougars on Friday night (November 25). Running off a short bench, the Freemen were unable to gain full control of the game and the Cougars took the win, 90-73. In subsequent days, the Freemen displayed valiant effort as they took on the College Wesmen in two games. Unfortunately, the Wesmen’s tough defense and smooth shooting proved to be too much as they defeated Providence 77-55 on Saturday and 104-57 on Sunday.

Next action for the teams will take place at Trinity Bible College on December 2nd and 3rd (Ellendale, North Dakota). Stay tuned for updates.

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