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Go Out and Serve

Men’s and women’s soccer teams show dedication to community service early on

Sept. 5/10 - Amidst the intensity of the grueling two & three-a-days that accompany the Freemen pre-season training camp, the men’s and women’s soccer teams were able to use their Sunday afternoons off as an opportunity to focus on the athlete service mission that accompanies all Freemen athletic squads.

The ladies squad used the opportunity to visit a senior’s home in St. Pierre, while also partaking in what they referred to as “random acts of kindness” on the Providence campus.

“It was a good opportunity to interact with an age group that I otherwise normally wouldn’t go out of my way to be with,” freshman Lady Freemen Annemarie Kaethler commented. “It gave me a new appreciation for individuals in that situation; the seniors were very pleasant, a ton of fun, and they loved to sing. It was something that I will always be grateful I was able to be a part of.”

Meanwhile, the men’s team made a trip into the city and split up to help prepare and serve meals for the less fortunate at both Siloam Mission and Union Gospel Mission in downtown Winnipeg.

“It was a really neat experience for our team,” freshman defender Caleb Thiessen said of going to Siloam Mission. “It was a little stretching for me since I don’t often work in the inner city, but seeing all of those people crowding into the Mission for food just made me reconsider my own life and the things I take for granted, like food and a bed every night.”

“It was also a lot of fun to work with my teammates and get to know them better through service.”

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