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Phase 3 of our last facility upgrades project needs to have $30,000 raised to cover all the projected expenses. Any funds earmarked for this project will help offset those costs and allow us to complete the project.



This year we sent two teams to Florida for the NCCAA National tournaments. The total cost of the trip was $28,000 and Providence Athletics was only able to cover 50% of that (which is more than we’ve ever been able to do before). The athletes have to split the rest of the costs, which came to $550 each. We would love to be able to cover all of their expenses if our athletes earn their way to a National Tournament. Any amount donated to this fund would be placed in a restricted account and be used only to offset the costs of Nationals.



($300 to sponsor an athlete - $5,100 – 17 athletes sponsored)
Every year, our athletes pay $150 athletic fee and $150 clothing fee. We typically have about 80 varsity athletes in a given year and some of our athletes have a tough time coming up with the funds for these minor fees. By sponsoring a Freemen athlete, you would help keep their costs to a minimum (we currently cover their travel expenses for all league travel but do not help them with their food expenses while on these trips). We would like to send you a picture and some background info of the athlete you are sponsoring.



($75-$100 covers 1 hotel room for 1 night - $10,850 – 124 nights in hotels). With our teams playing in Manitoba and throughout the U.S., we have to spend a lot on travel and hotel costs. I believe we have done an excellent job of using our travel budget very efficiently but we still struggle to meet all of our travel requirements under budget. Travel costs keep rising and we need to make sure that we can continue to cover these costs for our athletes. This year, we have booked an equivalent of 248 nights in hotel rooms throughout the year. Committing to cover the cost of 1 or 2 hotel rooms would go a long way.



($4,500-6,000 per coach - $33,000)
Our coaches are very generous as they sacrifice time (4-8 months of coaching and countless hours recruiting, preparing, etc) away from their family and job to commit to coaching at the college level. We do pay honorariums to each coach but it barely covers the cost of gas to come to Providence for practices & games. Our teams practice 3 times a week and have two matches almost every weekend. So they are basically volunteering their time. This still works to a certain degree but it is not sustainable for the coach, which is why we have a high turnover rate. Our goal is to try to keep our coaches around for longer periods of time and limit the high turnover rate and one of the ways we think we can do this is by offering a larger honorarium.



($180 covers the cost of 1 set of uniforms (jerseys & shorts) - $7,000)
We have made a decision to ensure that our teams are able to wear high quality uniforms that look professional and are fitting for the college level environment. In the last two years we have purchased a new set of home and away Adidas uniforms for the soccer teams and basketball teams respectively, and the total cost typically comes in at just over $7,000. This next year we are scheduled to purchase new uniforms for our volleyball teams. We have our uniform purchasing on a 4 year rotation, leaving one year to help save up funds for the next round of uniform purchases.


Naming Rights for Athletic Facilities

Gymnasium & Fitness Centre $50,000 Soccer Field Complex $25,000
Varsity Team Room $10,000 Reception Area $10,000




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