Directory of UC Faculty

Adjunct Faculty, Mile Two Mile Two Adjunct Faculty
Andronikou, Michalis Associate Professor of Composition and Theory
Arinobu, Angelle Instructor of Counselling Psychology
Bammeke, Yinka Associate Professor of Mathematics
Banman, Jeff Director of Mile Two
Barnabé, Nicole Instructor of Human Resource Management
Bonk, Jonathan Director of the Dictionary of African Christian Biography
Climenhaga, Lois Instructor of Language
Coelho, Marcio Associate Professor of Business Administration
Collins, Brianne Assistant Professor of Psychology
Cornell, Louise Professor Emerita of Education Studies
Derksen, Bill Professor Emeritus of Music Studies
Dielschneider, Rebecca Assistant Professor of Biology
Doherty, Aaron Instructor of Aviation
Dueck, Bethany Instructor of Piano
Dueck, Conrad Instructor of International Development and Missions
Duggan, Bruce Associate Professor of Management
Friesen-Pankratz, Bruce Instructor of Environmental Science
Froese, Laurelle Instructor of Voice
Fry, Tim Instructor of Commercial Law
Funk, Jeremy Director of Buller School of Business; Assistant Professor
Gilmour, Michael Associate Professor of New Testament & English Literature
Greco, Nicholas Associate Professor of Communications and Media
Hamman, Carolee Instructor of Language
Hiebert, Dennis Professor of Sociology
Hiebert, Luann Instructor of English Literature
Hiebert, Val Assistant Professor of Sociology
Holden, Heath Vice President of Student Success and Registrar
Holm, Randall Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation
Janzen Loewen, Patricia Assistant Professor of History
Kang, Gila Instructor of Language
Kennedy, Terry Director of Library Services
Kim, Luke Instructor of Aviation
Klassen, David Instructor of Music and Theatre
Knopf, Leshia Director of Student Development
Kornelsen, Marlene Instructor of Language
Lepp, Andrea Lab Instructor
Lepp-Kaethler, Elfrieda Assistant Professor of TESOL
Lortie, Christopher Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
Macumber, Heather Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
Maertins, Debra Instructor of TESOL
Mandryk, Kara Sessional Instructor
Marchand, Chris Instructor in Youth Leadership
McKenzie, Cameron Associate Professor of Old Testament, Academic Dean
McNeill, John Instructor of Missions and Anthropology
Moir, Marc Instructor in Theatre
Mulenga, Morgan Associate Professor of Psychology
Mullin, Nicholas Director of Worship Bands
Neufeld, Victor Instructor of Accounting
Passi, Kristin Field Education Coordinator
Peterson, Wendy Instructor of New Religious Movements
Pfahl, Trevor Instructor of TESOL
Plett, Sherri Instructor of Language
Pursaga, Alex Instructor of Economics
Reimer, Marlin Associate Vice-President for Student Life
Rust-Akinbolaji, Catherine Assistant Professor of TESOL; Director,Modern Language Institute
Sawatzky, David Associate Professor of Music
Sawatzky, Tracey Instructor of Piano, Performing Arts School Assistant
Schulz, Dorothea Instructor of Language
Shymko, Miriam Chemistry Instructor
van der Breggen, Hendrik Associate Professor of Philosophy
Warkentin Wall, Claudia Miriam Instructor of Language
Wiebe, Willie Instructor of Guitar, Director of Guitar Ensemble
Williamson, Marla Administrative Assistant
Wylie, Amber Instructor of TESOL